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10 questions you must ask

Top 10 questions you must ask your cord blood storage company. 1. What type of…

10 questions you must ask 10 questions you must ask

Why store my baby’s cord blood?

Why store my baby’s cord blood? Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells.…

Why store my baby’s cord blood? Why store my baby’s cord blood?

Why choose BioVault?

Important Note: We are a totally independent service and have no financial ties to any…

Why choose BioVault? Why choose BioVault?

Step by step process

  1. Please call our offices to schedule a visit or to have a phone consultation with our medically trained staff.
  2. Pick up the cord blood collection kit from our offices or request to have it delivered to your home or place of work.
  3. Please notify your doctor that you plan to store your baby’s cord blood.
  4. Take the kit with you to the hospital on the day of delivery.
  5. Call us when the baby is born for the collection of the sample from the hospital and do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.
  6. Keep the sample at room temperature while waiting for the courier. Do not refrigerate the sample.
  7. Please ensure your blood (mother) is taken and all the forms have been signed and completed.
  8. You will receive a call within four working days to discuss your results.
  9. A certificate of storage with unique ID number and cell counts will be hand delivered to your home or place of work.
The actual collection process is a very safe and non invasive procedure done immediately after the birth of your baby.
Important Note: We are a totally independent service and have no financial ties to any doctors or clinics.

Our storage lab

Two fully independent clean rooms have been installed for resilience and back-up. All cryogenic freezers operate independently of electrical power requirements.

Every BioVault critical process runs off a large (20 kW) uninterruptible power supply, allowing the company to fully operate independently of the mains electricity supply for essential processing operations. Paired ultrasonic and infrared curtain sensors detect movement and problems, anywhere in the facility. Electronically controlled access and security throughout the building monitors who goes where and when. 24 hour alarm monitoring is supported by staff and police call out routines.

Human tissue bank is directly linked to both local police and the firestation via a redcare contract.  Both police and fireservices are 1 minute away from the facility. Sophisticated fire monitoring detection (both heat and smoke) has been integrated throughout the facility.  Detection is additionally concentrated at risk points. Independent and random security patrols occur 365 days per year.

BioVault employs two fully audited bulk suppliers of liquid nitrogen, one for back up.
BioVault's web-based proprietary human tissue management system is backed up by Telehouse which provides the most secure and resilient web security platform in Europe.
All company records are held offsite at two geographic locations in resilient records databases.  Each facility has mirrored processes and multi RAID storage devices on multiple servers.

BioVault's facilities are specifically positioned on a designated low risk site, with minimum risk from vandals, activists, terrorists, major international flight paths and disaster scenarios including flooding.

All BioVault laboratory staff are regularly assessed through a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for training purposes.


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Gift Registry

Please call us to create your child's gift registry. Friends and family will be able to contribute to your child's Cord Blood storage cost. What better way to participate in the life of your child.

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